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Unless this community was created in the terms of sarcasm...i just wanted to point out the complete hypocrasy of this community... now it is true that i completely understand where you are coming from... with the anti-labels and that people shouldn't judge and bla bla bla... but what i dont understand is what harmony could possible exist between the "anti-labeling" and the "anti-prep label"...? sorry to speak the truth knowing how strong you try to not label and be labeled...but you in fact have just become an even bigger label than "prep"...

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Hey I'm new here. Name's Bryan. I'm 17 years old (18 soon) and live in Monroe New York. I'm straight edge. Which living here makes me the biggest out cast in my school. I love to listen to music, to write, to watch movies, and to play video games. I hate labels (I don't consider straight edge a label, people always argue that when I say I hate labels, its a lifestyle not a label) I'm not a punk, I'm not a goth, I'm not hardcore or whatever. I'm just me. I must say though calling someone prep does go against the whole label thing. Someone may wear Abercrombie but not look down on you. I just call people who think they're better assholes.

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I am selling all this stuff cause I need money really fucking bad, I don't have many records left, I will sell the wheels off the bike separate if you only want the wheels. If I have anything else that you can think of that you might want to buy then just ask, I will likely sell it to you.

-Silence Snowboard deck 147cm Blaise Rosenthol pro model
-Haro Flatland BMX -Alex Double Walled 48 (1 gage) spoke Rims, Primo 'Son of a Bomb' Hubs, graveyard 28tooth sprocket.
-Conelly Twist wake board Deck 147cm

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I am just really attracted to the title "you're no better then us, so don't try to be" because I think that NO one should be pressured to be something they are not.. there shouldn't be a line for what's cool and what's not... but of course there is.
I don't believe in judging or grading people... espesially by what brand of clothes they wear and how they look and all that god damn superficial crap!!!
also I think there’s too much emphasis put on having to be someone, on making something out of nothing. It’s not a road that everyone can follow. It’s not a road that anybody should have to want to follow. I am not making up accuses for having no talent, really I’m not. I don’t know whether I’ve got any or not; all I know is im short on inclination…

kiss me i'm a poser

i prefer to be called a free stylist though... but you knwo something?
this whole grading crap like i hate preps and shit... it's jsut as bad as a prep saying "eww your not good enough" we are just odign the same thing... by being hatefull... PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS, and ya wanna know something else???

in the real world... when your out of high school... preps won't really bother you anymore...

ugh and my bitchiness. I do apolize

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nothing quite like being the first to do something.

So I came across this community and I decided to join... after looking at the ZERO entries...

well i suppose an introdustion is suitable

My name is adrianna... most call me dria, i am a female... 15 years of age...
people like talking to me because i don't judge or label... I DO however classify people... mostly myself... when i say classify i mean like skater,punk,prep,poser, hippie... yea like that nothing mean or anything not like scumbag,asshole and stuff like that...i am very open minded. I love music. I play 3 instrument (violin,cello,piano) I like skater shoes and weird scarfs. I like purposely walking in mud puddles and I like the rain...I like reading fantasy and some history books...
i am not religious but i am atheist... I guess you could say that i am agnostic.. but i am deffinetly not a monothesist... anywhoos.. I am quite liberal. i don't liek bush and I don't like conservative people...

well I hope I am not the only person posting in here because i think this could be a great community... BUT people should not HATE the preps.. because preps are just really insecure snobby rich people... i know that they treat people harshly and act like bitchis 24/7... but ARG i d k... but i know hate is not the answer...

well peace love and happiness

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