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You're no better than us

so don't try to be

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This is a community for anyone.. Anyone who thinks lables and stereotyping people is stupid. It's basically against people who think they're better than everyone else.. (such as the_preps)
It's against MTV, it's against lables.
you don't have to be pretty to join this community, althought everyone is beautiful in their own ways. We don't judge you on your looks as other communities do.. ::cough::the_preps::cough::
It doesnt matter if youre skinny, fat, tall, short, white, black, asian, muslim, spanish.. whatever you are you'll be accepted here.

This community is to talk about anything.. but please don't get into your personal life.. "OMG MY B/F TOTALLY DIDN'T CALL ME BACK" type deal, no one wants to hear it. You can announce shows, talk about music/books/straight edge related things.. basically anything under the interests. have fun... and i can remove you if you're rude.

*you don't have to be straight edge, but being straight edge is a positive thing so if you are than its cool*
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